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I offer a range of English-language text services including writing, copy-editing and translation.


You supply the ideas and I communicate them for you in English. I can undertake research.

Editing and proofreading

Maximise your investment in English–language translation by getting it checked!

In practice the line between copy-editing and proofreading is very fine. Whereas proofreading checks a text for spelling, punctuation, capitalisation, etc., copy-editing ensures that the text is intelligible, stylistically effective, consistent and accurate. Neither copy-editing nor proofreading services change or edit the underlying content of the text.


I translate text from German to English. Other than general English, advertising and web copy, my specialism is English for the cultural sector; I can also translate literature, juvenile literature or children’s books.


In addition to writing effective advertising copy, I specialise in English for the cultural sector, including tourism, heritage and academic writing. Whatever your English-language text requirements, I ensure that the language is relevant and appropriate to the task in hand, as well as clear and effective.

Here are some examples of the text that I work with:

English-language advertising–copy, websites, publicity material, brochures, journals, annual reports, research, academic writing, juvenile literature, textbooks, children’s books, dissertations & funding applications.

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